Asp Core

From .NET 2.2 to 3.1 – Routing issues

Having a website on 2.2, I thought that there is about the case to upgrade. Now or never I said. How hard can it be? I went pretty smooth, by using the -> migration guide..until…. I’ve bumped into routing. I’ve spent a decent amount of time trying to debug the…

Worker Service in .Net Core 3.0

What is a Worker Service, what is solves? Sometimes our business scenarios need long-running tasks that run in the background, to watch something or compute something. This kind of scenario was impossible before .Net Core 2.1. A lot of functionalities were ‘ported’ or re-written from the old version, but this…

Introducing TagHelpers in Asp Core

What is a TagHelper? TagHelpers are the new way of writing server-side code that renders HTML tags(elements), that is much closer to HTML syntax than Razor. Compared to Razor, the code is way cleaner, there is no context-switching, but for a newbie, might be very hard to understand at first….